Robin Crespo-The Man Behind The Armor PT 1

March 19, 2013 | By More

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Who would’ve thought that creating a mosquito repellent jacket to stand out and make a fashion statement at Sean “Diddy” Combs’ party would be the very same thing that could save millions of lives?

When Robin Crespo, CEO and Designer of ING Activewear, came up with this innovation (Moskeeto Armor), initially he had only himself in mind; and although his movement started by just simply wanting to stand out, he soon saw that his jacket could serve a greater purpose than what he first sought out. He realized that he could be a part of something that was greater than himself – his line could save thousands of lives. (Now that’s what I call fashion AND function!)

Currently Robin is working on a documentary, 5 on Monday, which is focused on the statistic shown that one out five children who are checked into a clinic due to the fact that they are carriers of Malaria on a Monday, three of those children won’t make it to Sunday. By telling their story, he is spreading the word on the severity of Malaria, which most people don’t see as much of a threat. “How can you sit by on the sidelines and allow people to suffer and die? I can’t, I couldn’t…I wanted to see Malaria face to face…”says Robin; he conducted extensive research on his own and saw the effects of Malaria for himself. It’s in his nature to pursue truth, so naturally he would go out and do some investigation on his own. His studies in Uganda have proven the mosquito repellant jacket effective in a before and after comparison among the inhabitants there.

One of the main messages that he wants to spread is that Malaria isn’t exclusive to Africa.  It is a problem that exist in the Amazon, Thailand, the Cayman Islands, India, Haiti and many other places.  We are all one.  This is OUR problem; not just that of those who are suffering from it firsthand.  “Malaria is preventable…in the societies we’ve been operating in, it’s acceptable to get Malaria, and that’s like saying HIV is acceptable to get…it’s not acceptable”, says Robin.

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By Veronica Tranchant
Contributor, Gail Davvis

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