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Last year I found myself complaining when my phone fell and hit the concrete floor and the glass broke.  I have become annoyed when I leave my phone charger at home and I am at a meeting.  Though this is very important, I realize life is much simpler than we think.  We can live without many of the things we think we need.  I love to travel, meet new people, would love a home that is not very large, but spacious enough for my family, awake to work I enjoy and can’t wait to get started with my day.  These are all blessings.

When I came across this Video last year, it struck me at the core of who I am.  We are so abundant and prosperous, and yet the people in this video feel the same way.  This was not about the people in Haiti, but how we think as people around the world.

The next time your shoes don’t match your dress; you don’t like the shoes with your suit; you want an IPAD versus a Microsoft Surface; the maid did not come to clean your home that day; the laundry did not deliver your clothes; your mercedes doesn’t have gold trim, think about this video.  How much of this is really needed to have love in your life, amazing family and friends, travel and the like.

This video was actually created last year to eliminate the hashtag from Twitter, “#FIRSTWORLDPROBLEMS”

What are you grateful for?



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