Trust Issues

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Human connection is a daily issue we all face, to what degree depends on how desperately we desire it. At the core of any relationship, whether just a friendship or something more, trust has to be established in order for it to progress and evolve into something productive and fruitful.

Whether we realize it or not what we say, our actions, our intentions, our attitude, and our overall mindset influences our ability to trust, and give trust to others. What many fail to realize is the fragile nature that comes with trust. If the bond of trust is tampered with in any way, for example by one individual lying to another, it creates an instability in that relationship and therefore trust can be lost. For myself, I know how I am with the issue of trust and I sparingly share it openly with others. It’s something that has to be earned rather than just expected to receive.

In our generation people feel the need to lie to get what they want and there is a complete neglect of the emotional and physical effects it has on others. How can trust be built on a foundation of lies?

Even when trust is established, people tend to take it for granted and fail to continually push to keep that bond strong. We tend to believe that because we have gained another person’s trust, we can get away with things without the possibility of repercussions. People don’t remember that no matter how many good deeds you commit, one misdoing unravels it all.

Trust is the single most important trait anyone should be proud to have. Being trustworthy is a part of your character, it helps define you as an individual of stature and great poise when others can look to you when it matters most.


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