Books And Tech From A Teen’s Point of View

July 9, 2013 | By More

Student Z, United States shares her thoughts in this wonderful video above on Books and Technology.

Check out what Student Z, United States shares on her paper from School about Books and Technology.

The abundance and evolution of technology has threatened the need of paper books. Those who believe that all books should be on electronic devices have overlooked the invigorating experience of handling a book. There is a certain crisp feeling and smell that no other device could duplicate. There is a distinct swoosh of the paper that can’t be heard anywhere else.

Going to the library would no longer be the same experience. You would never get that feeling of awe, as you realize the knowledge and history in the copious amount of books surrounding you. Obliterating all our books would be like destroying a significant part of history. Where would the diary of Anne Frank, the Constitution, and others find solace? The answer is nowhere in the 21st century’s gadgets and gizmos.

Remember back to the first time you were ever introduced to the power of words. Was it on a IPAD, Nook or Kindle? No; it was in the arms of a loving parent, caressing a book.

So start with books first Parents and Teachers and when your kids are traveling, then provide them with an IPAD, Nook or Kindle.


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