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July 10, 2013 | By More

Worst Customer

Last night I am in one of my favorite Thai restaurants.  The restaurant closes at 10:30 PM.  A group of people walk in to be seated and the Hostess informs them, the restaurant will be closing at 10:30 PM.  Wow, the customer asks will you ask us to leave the restaurant at 10:30 PM.  She graciously says no, but the kitchen will be closed.  Now I am sitting a few feet away and wondering if this American customer (I am American also) understands English as they have been explained to what time the restaurant closes.  It is now 9:54 PM at the time they have come in.

What was hilarious is now the customer wants to drink their own wine they have brought in to the restaurant when there is already a Bar.  The Hostess, says sir, I am sorry we don’t allow people to bring in their own alcoholic beverages because we have a bar.  The entire group called the Hostess a liar.

I was the only customer left in the restaurant, I am thinking do I get involved or let them continue to disgrace the woman who is only doing her job.  So of course, I choose to say something to one of the gentleman.  He says really there has never been a policy to Bring Your Own Liquor here.  I stated no and that it was inappropriate for him to speak to the Hostess in thaat manner.  He apologized to me and I said simply the apology should be directed to the woman you were calling a liar.  Upon this, the whole group wanted to start a flare up, but turned to leave and the other gentleman introduced himself as the Health Inspector, which was a complete fabrication.

Its important to treat everyone with dignity and kindness.  We have to remember that people do not have to wait on us at a restaurant.  They are neither maids or butlers.  And even the maid and butler is a entitled to full getting paid for what they provide.

The Lesson Here – Hey go home and have dinner with your own wine LOL LOL………………….

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