To Tip or Not To Tip

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To tip or not to tip is the question.  Its important to tip at least 18% anywhere in the world.

Think about the many waiters and waitresses on their feet all day, dealing with customers who would like their meals cooked a certain way as if they were at home, they have to speak with the chef when a food order is submitted in the kitchen who doesn’t understand why the customer wants the selection on the menu cooked another way; while the Manager of the Restaurant may be yelling at the waiters for trying to provide excellent service.  Or, the waiters have to share the tips received rather than the tip that was meant specifically for each person.  Many of the waiters are in school, pursuing their acting dream or have just been laid off.  

And lastly what about the new on the job waiter who continuously goes over to the customer to see if the customer is enjoying their meal — the waiter is met with the furious customer who feels they are being interrupted during their meal and if another customer comes in and would like for the same waiter to ask them several times how the meal is, the waiter will not because the previous customer has just given them the nod it was not okay to be interrupted during a meal.

What a way to make a living if you think about it.  The waiter is at the mercy of us the customer.  Waiters in America are not paid minimum wage because its believed they will make it up in “TIPS”.  So this means the waiter staff has to work even harder to  generate an income that any professional would be paid for doing their job.  This really “SUCKS”.

In America, the customary tip is 18%-20%.  In London, its considered strange to tip as its believed the waiter staff is already receiving a salary.  France does not tip at all and in certain other countries its considered a menial job to be a waiter, so they are not respected by the customers.

We should be grateful for the waiters.  I would never want to serve myself at a restaurant.  What is the sense of going out for a night on the town to serve yourself.  You might as well stay home.  The bottom line is “TIPS” not extra, its how waiters make a living.

Do you think waiters should be paid a great “TIP” for their hard work?

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