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Global Vibe Magazine PictureHere, at Global Vibe, YOU take center stage.  We’re all about local communities weaving together to create cities, then countries, and the world. We believe it’s all connected, but it starts with you.  You’ll find stories on successful execs, entrepreneurs, celebs and just ordinary people doing some extraordinary things with their lives.  It’s all about passion and using it to create the life we’ve dreamed of.  The best part?  You get to write and share your ideas, opinions and passions too!  Be it entertainment, technology, culture, lifestyles, fashion, books, you name it, we want to hear all about it.  This is your space to share what’s going on in your world.  If everyone shares, we’ll see how small the planet really is.

If you would like to JOIN OUR GLOBAL TEAM, feel free to drop us a note at our GET IN TOUCH page .  We are looking for Writers, Journalists, Poets, Creative Writers, Videographers, Photographers, Web Designers, Graphic Designers Filmmakers, Web Developers, etc from all over the world.  We are unable to compensate you for your work, but will provide unlimited exposure to you and your work.  We would love for people from all over the world to apply.  When you apply, would you be so kind to include the following information:

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